Hiya 👋, I'm tibs!

I'm a queer and nonbinary software developer and system administrator. I use she/they pronouns, see my pronouns.page for more info. You may also see me online as TibiNonEst, the vestiges of an old username.

I don't particularly like talking about myself, but I guess you're here for a reason so here goes!

I am an administrator and developer at QuiltMC, where I am a member of the infrastructure and build tools teams, the latter of which I lead. Outside of Quilt, I am also a member of a myriad of development teams, including ProxyFox, WispLang, Debuggy, Helix Launcher, Sweet Berry Collective, Vulpark, and DuvetMC. I have experience in a number of programming languages, but these days find myself working mainly in Java, Rust, Kotlin, or Typescript. I have worked on a few major projects over the years, namely my Minecraft mod Cauldron Dyeing and the official Quilt build tool Loom (and soon QuiltGradle), you can learn more about these and others below. Outside of development, I play a few instruments, some better some worse, and have been very involved in the theater scene at my school.

Current projects

Past (abandoned) projects

System administration

I have been hosting my own servers for everything from gaming to websites for the better part of 5 years. Over this time I have learned quite a few things about what to, and what not to do in system administration. I run one main cloud server acting as a both WireGuard hub through which I proxy all my traffic, and also as a main host for my web services. This server runs on Alpine Linux and its services include my personal git server, available at git.tibinonest.me, and maven, at maven.tibinonest.me. Additionally, I host many Minecraft servers on a local machine, with their traffic proxied through my WireGuard server to maintain privacy. Most of these servers are just between friends, but for a while I hosted the Unofficial Quilt Minecraft Server.

As mentioned previously, I am a member of the QuiltMC's infrastructure team, where I develop and maintain our Cloudflare workers (including our custom maven solution), Helm charts, Meta API, and other assorted projects.


I have spent the majority of my life surrounded by and playing music. My main instrument is violin, which I have been playing for almost 13 years now. I also dabble in piano, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and singing. I would like to some day release my own music, but we'll see if that ever happens.


I have worked on many theater productions in the past few years occupying a number of roles. These have included: light board operator for two indie productions, sound board operator for an indie production, lighting designer for two indie productions, co-lighting designer and violinist for a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, violinist for a production of Legally Blond, and stage manager for a production of Chicago.


The easiest ways to contact me would either be on Discord directly at tibs.gay or on the Fediverse at tibs@blobfox.coffee.

I'm also available through email at tibs@tibinonest.me, although that may take me a little bit longer to respond to.